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Ibovespa Futures Decline After Brazil’s Growth Trails Forecasts – Bloomberg

(Photos by Cyrus McCrimmon , The Denver Post) A model wears garb from Frinje & Goorin Bros. Fashion shows can be staid affairs, with people perched on chairs lining a runway and a formal lineup of models and clothing. And then there are more relaxed events, like the recent holiday show at the Edge restaurant at the Four Seasons Denver. A dozen models wearing clothing and accessories from 15 Larimer Square boutiques strolled through the lobby and climbed a few steps to get onto a high-top table in the lounge, wearing every-thing from flannel pajamas to cocktail clothes, with plenty of cozy sweaters and jeans in between. The event drew a happy-hour crowd, with a portion of the drink proceeds donated to Dress For Success . Detail of Blue Ruby & Scarpaletto styles.

Larimer Square boutiques show holiday fashions at Four Seasons – The Denver Post

in Sao Paulo. The real declined 0.6 percent to 2.5468 per dollar. The Standard & Poors GSCI index of 24 raw materials sank 3.8 percent, the most in three years, as oil and industrial metals slumped. Brazil s gross domestic product grew 0.1 percent in the third quarter from the previous three-month period, the national statistics agency said today. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg had forecast an expansion of 0.2 percent. The Ibovespa has fallen 12 percent from this years high in September as Rousseffs re-election Oct. 26 ended speculation that a victory for an opposition candidate would help to revive Latin Americas largest economy.