Marni Jameson: Adding New ‘jewelry’ Improves Curb Appeal

Taken together they either say, Buttoned up with act together, or Meep, meep! Alert! We need a makeover! Stat! Thus, I was intrigued recently when I learned that for as little as $100 — or $300 if you go all out — you could greatly bolster your homes curb appeal with a few pieces of hardware. Knowing this made me want to start an intervention program right on my own street.

Something gross happened on Ashley Young’s mouth | Dirty Tackle – Yahoo Sports

Van Gaal’s nightmare was nothing compared to Ashley Young’s, though. Early in the match, Young was minding his own business, enjoying a having no foreign substances in or and around his mouth area, when this happened… That appears to be heat-seeking bird poop landing right on Ashley Young’s mouth and now no one will ever be clean again. Man United went to briefly recover with an equalizer from new captain Wayne Rooney early in the second half before Gylfi Sigurdsson put Swansea back ahead in the 73rd minute, but Ashley Young likely will never come back from whatever landed on his mouth in the first half. Now we know why he dives so much: to try and avoid the bird bombs falling from the sky. I think we all owe him modest wedding dresses an apology. – – – – – – – Brooks Peck is the editor of Dirty Tackle on Yahoo Sports.

Locals Less Than Pleased By Closing Down Of Damrosch Park For Fashion Week « CBS New York

The sound of children playing and Juilliard students making music has been replaced by the sound of construction in Damrosch Park, 1010 WINS Gary Baumgarten reported. Locals Less Than Pleased By Closing Down Of Damrosch Park For Fashion Week Gary Baumgarten reports play pause The closing down and construction of the park has left Sidney Goldfischer less than pleased. All of a sudden you come down here and there are no benches, he said, who frequents the park to read. They took down 57 trees, one woman who lives in the area told 1010 WINS. They close it down to the public for 10 months a year and you cannot walk here without their threatening to call the police. As Baumgarten reported, theres a lawsuit challenging the use of the park for a private, money-making event. For up to 10 months a year, Lincoln Center is able to take over a public park starting in August and it goes all the way through the spring, which is outrageous, NYC Parks advocate Geoffrey Croft said. After Fashion Week, the space is then again transformed for the Big Apple Circus followed by other events.


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