Fashion’s Role In Film ‘belle’ – Wwd Fashion Features –

view publisher site Young It was 18th-century fashion that played a key role in setting the tone and backdrop for the film Belle the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, a biracial woman who had aristocratic privileges, but not the same social status as her white cousin. This was no Cinderella story, said Amma Asante, the films London-based director on a recent trip to the U.S. Asante, who is of Ghananian descent, described Dido as someone who had more privileges than some white people, more privileges than all black people, and yet did not have full equality with her cousin Elizabeth. Dido, the illegitimate daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsey and a former slave, was orphaned as a child and raised by William Murray. A great uncle from her fathers family, Murray was also the first Earl of Mansfield and later the Lord Chief Justice of Britain. The earl raised her as his own alongside his other niece and Didos cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray. While Didos lineage did allow certain privileges, her biracial status prevented her from certain traditions of noble social standing.

Interview: Tomoko Ogura, Senior Fashion Director at Barneys | Styleite

It is a five-episode reality television series aimed at encouraging budding designers, fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts to take their art up a notch and be recognized for their talent. The event showcases the journey of the contestants who were shortlisted from a pool of hundreds, and chronicles their struggles as they strive to put their stamps on the fashion map. The General Manager of Marketing, Mr. Martin Mabutho, explained the rationale behind embarking on the project. Since inception, we have been focused on contributing to the countrys socio-economic landscape through the creation of original African content that is uniquely African. With Fashion Protege, we have gone a step further by contributing to the development of the fashion industry in Nigeria. Nigerians are highly fashionable people and have earned a reputation for being stylish.

I couldn’t help but notice that I was one of the few in the tour group that gravitated toward the beautiful historically black university. As the tour guide described the many traditions and landmarks of the campus, my aspirations grew stronger to one day becoming a student. Hampton University immediately became my dream school. Just from that initial visit, I knew it was the perfect college for me. It was different from my high school and I felt comfortable. As I roamed the campus, I couldn’t help but notice how driven everyone appeared. All by the way the students dressed, it was apparent that everyone had a mission.

Every job, every experience will not be perfect but there is always something positive that can be valued and something/someone from which to learn. Which designers are you particularly looking forward to for next season? For resort Im excited to see Tomas Maiers collection, which will include a world beyond the swim and knitwear we have seen in the past. The lifestyle he presents has always been so beautiful and attractive so Im excited to see what else he has in store. What would you be doing if you werent working in fashion?


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