10 Fresh Apps For Fashion Enthusiasts

By checking your location, Pose determines your local weather forecast and provides photos and collections to inspire your outfit for the day. You can further narrow down the selections by telling Pose you’re going to the office, heading to the gym or wearing skinny jeans, to name a few options. Pose is available on Android and iOS . 4-6. Poshmark, Bib + Tuck, Tradesy The worst scenario when bringing home a great fashion find is realizing that the fit is not quite right, or the piece doesn’t belong with the rest of your wardrobe. Either it sits in the lonely end of your closet, or you can sell it on one of these apps.
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At the end of the day, a strong consumer following and a financially well of customer base are the kind of staples fashion companies can rely on for continued growth. 3 stockspoised to be multi-baggers The one sure way to get wealthy is to invest in a groundbreaking company that goes on to dominate a multibillion-dollar industry. Our analysts have found multi-bagger stocks time and again. And now they think they’ve done it again with three stock picks that they believe could generate the same type of phenomenal returns. They’ve revealed these picks in a new free report that you can download instantly by clicking here now .
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Kurt Cobain’s fashion choices were never about what to wear, but rather how to wear items on hand

Cross suggests in a chapter of Here We Are Now , his new book examining the musician’s impact on music and culture – that Cobain had planned out his musical career but not his image. He nonetheless became the reluctant poster-boy of the broader cultural phenomenon of Nirvana, and of grunge. Cross was the editor of Seattle alt-weekly The Rocket as Nirvana rose to fame and at the time of Kurt Cobain’s gruesome suicide by shotgun. “If the image of Kurt in the Smells Like Teen Spirit video clip , with hair in his face and a striped T-shirt on, had been the indelible vision of 1991 on MTV, 1992 looked like a cheap fashion rocker in cutoff jean shorts, a flannel shirt, and a pair of Doc Martens ,” he writes. “This is exactly the outfit the actor Matt Dillon wears in Cameron Crowe’s movie Singles , which came out in 1992. The film was a worldwide success, spawned a hit soundtrack album, and forever wedded Seattle to Grunge.” There’s just this one, small caveat: “These were not Kurt’s clothes nor his look.” Yet on the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death and eve of the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that image is what endures. What should be remembered instead is the renegade attitude to fashion, not the clothes themselves.
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