19 Strangest Hairstyles In Premier League History

Since being formed on 20 February 1992, the Premier League has witnessed some truly strange haircuts and styles that detract from the overall spectacle that is topflight football. From Gervinhos curtains to David Seamans ponytail-moustache combo, weve seen some frightening follicles and bizarre bonnets over the years. To honour those who fascinated us with their hairstyle choice as much as they did their footballing prowess, here, WhatCulture! takes a look at the 19 Strangest Hairstyles In Premier League History. 19. David Seaman Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman will have many regrets from his career, chief among them his gaffe against Brazil in the 2002 World Cup. Coming in at a close second however will be his unfortunate decision to sport a ponytail-moustache combo that made him look ever so slightly like a 1970s porn star.
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The best celebrity hairstyles of 2013: Vote for your favorite

For the past three years, the Hair Care Examiner has reported on the hairstyle awards that feature 18 categories of your favorite celebrity hairstyles of women in television, sports and government. The Super-Hair Crown Awards top celebrity hairstyle winners from last year went to Glee star Lea Michele and tennis champ Victoria Azarenka . Since 2000, Super-Hair.Net has awarded top nods for celebrity hairstyles with 1.5 million visitors since its inception, and this years Super-Hair Crown Awards are looking for your help in selecting the top celebrity hairstyles of 2013. Public voting began this past Sunday for the 14th Annual Crown Awards. The best celebrity hairstyles of 2013 will be announced on Thursday, March 13 amid an online live chat via Super-Hair.Net. Zooey Deschanel has been nominated four times for go here now Best Long Hair, Best Hairstyle on Television, Best Brunette and Best Bangs, which she won in 2012, a fact reiterated by the Webmaster of Super-Hair.Net. Deschanel’s bangs may be her best-known hair feature.
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Copy Kate Moss’ hairstyles

To get this look, simply use a flexible hold hairspray to give structure then sweep the hair back into a mid-height bun. Kate has let her hair fall to the left, following its natural flow. Doing this not only adds to the effortless-chic style, but also means the style will stay in place longer. Last updated:16 January 2014, 11:16 GMT Related stories Print Relaxed but beautiful boho waves are the Kate look we all know and love. The hairstyle reflects her natural beauty its simple, natural and not over worked. No matter what the occasion from Glastonbury to the Met Gala, Kate can work the I woke up like this waves like no-one else. To recreate the Kate waves, use a texturising product like Kerastase Touche Finale, and curl random sections of hair with straightening irons.
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