Nike Outfits U.s. Athletes In Slick Silver And Fleece For 2014 Sochi Olympics

December23,2013 by Ashley Lee U.S. Olympians going for the gold will be outfitted in silver and green this February says Nike, which revealed its Sochi Olympics medal stand looks on Friday. At each individual event medal ceremony, U.S. bronze, silver and gold medalists will wear Nike’sAeroloft 800 Summit Jacket, which keeps wearers warm withAeroloft insulation an 800-fill goose down based on body mapping research for mobility in the right places and features a Team USA badge, Nike logo and USA insignia of a lenticular fabric that shifts from blue to red. Theyll also wear a winterized version of the Nike Flyknit Chukka, equipped with a synthetic wool lining and water-resistant reflective skin. Both items include Land of the Free and Home of the Brave sayings secretly embroidered in the hand pockets, and tonal stars on the interior front of the jacket and on the sock liner of the shoes which act as a nod to legendary U.S. hockey coach Herb Brooks This is Your Moment speech. The Portland-based sportswear behemoth also revealed its Team USA training and village apparel and footwear.

NASA Outfits Spacesuits With Snorkels

Claire Danes Red is a great color on the “Homeland” star, but the shape of the jacket is making her shoulders look much broader than they are. And that heavy eyeliner has got to go, it’s too dark for her features. Rooney Mara If “The Jetsons” designed evening gowns, this is what they might look like. Though we applaud Mara for taking a fashion risk, this one is a little out there. The sheer panel at the bottom of her dress combined with the weird shoulder piece is muddling what could have been a gorgeous little white dress. Katy Perry We’re not sure whether it’s the color or the material of this dress that’s so ruining the look — maybe it’s both. The sheen on the gown and the seafoam hue make the “Roar” singer look like “The Little Mermaid,” and the ruching on the shoulders is bizarre.

10 Outfits From 2013 We Just Want To Forget

HOUSTON Astronauts preparing to spacewalk outside the International Space Station are outfitting their spacesuits with an unusual device: a makeshift snorkel. The astronauts, whose task it is to repair a critical cooling system necessary for keeping the outpost fully powered, have an additional concern to the “normal” challenges of a quickly-planned extra-vehicular activity (EVA, or spacewalk). There is also a slight possibility their helmets could flood with water . Play Video Best Space Moments of 2013 Earthrise: 45 Years Later The Moon Has A New Crater Emergency Spacewalk at Space Station US Monitors Chinese Lunar Rover Astronaut and Robot have a Talk PHOTOS: Travel The World On The ISS NASA’s Robot Ironman Will Save the Day Evidence of ALIEN Life? Captain Kirk’s View of Earth EARTH: From ‘Outside My Window’ Alien Water Found?

African American dance team shocks Alabama Christmas parade with their revealing Santa Claus outfits

Her limp locks and washed-out face made for one depressing beauty look. WORST: Toni Collette The “Hostages” actress’ super heavy bangs are practically hiding her gilded eyelids. While Collette’s hair color is spot-on, her fringe could desperately use a trim. WORST: Jessica Stroup We don’t believe that you have to wear makeup to look beautiful. However, this “90210” starlet must have made a last-minute decision to apply a ghostly brown eyeshadow that does her no favors. WORST: Patricia Heaton Everybody loves Patricia Heaton, but we don’t love this caked-on eye makeup. It draws unwanted attention to her crow’s feet, and the flipped-up hairstyle makes her look much older.

9 Outfits That Were Ruined By Bad Makeup

We were taking a risk, but we always do. The team arrived to Semmes and lined up ready to march in fur-trimmed, snug-fitting Santa outfits. Even as the gentleman, in full makeup and Santa hats, stripped off their sweat pants at the parade start, they raised some eyebrows. I had no idea that they would be dressed the way they were and that they would think it’s appropriate for a community Christmas parade, said Karen McDuffie, who helped plan the event. Their costumes and the style of dancing were inappropriate. The team specializes in J-Setting, a lead and follow style hip-hop dance style that involves movements some may find lurid or provocative. As they strutted their stuff through the parades 1.7 mile stretch, many of those raised eyebrows deepened into scorn.


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