‘hard Hats And High Heels’ Gala A Hit

High heels make riding into battle easier: unlike a potentially slipper flat-soled shoe, a heel is something the wearer can hook into the stirrup for stability when riding in adverse conditions. That makes it easier to do things like fire your bow while galloping towards an enemy army. The Persian army under Shah Abbas I had some of the most fearsome cavalry in the world, and when the Shah sent the first Persian diplomatic mission to Russia, Germany, and Spain in 1599, it started a fashion trend for heeled boots. As the BBC explains: Persian style shoes were enthusiastically adopted by aristocrats, who sought to give their appearance a virile, masculine edge that, it suddenly seemed, only heeled shoes could supply. As the wearing of heels filtered into the lower ranks of society, the aristocracy responded by dramatically increasing the height of their shoes and the high heel was born.
Source: http://jezebel.com/5979108/why-men-stopped-wearing-high-heels

Habitat for Humanityis a faith based ministry that has been working to eliminate substandard and inadequate housing in Brevard County Florida since 1985 and relies on local community engagement and participation through cash and in-kind material donations as well as volunteer labor to build affordable homes with families. Habitat home buyers are required to invest a minimum of 200 community service hours called sweat equity as a family which includes first-time homeowner education, building other family partners homes and 100 hours of building their own home. FOR INFORMATION LOG ON TO BrevardHabitat.com A Hit Anne Dirr helps the over 200 guests at the Habitat For Humanity Hard Hats and High Heels Gala event. (SpaceCoastDaily.com image) Lisa Barr and Alison Malone enjoy the Habitat For Humanity Hard Hats and High Heels Gala event. (SpaceCoastDaily.com image) Steve and Terry Anderson at the Habitat For Humanity Hard Hats and High Heels Gala event.
Source: http://spacecoastdaily.com/2013/09/habitat-for-humanity-hard-hats-and-high-heels-gala-tonight/

But more than that, it created the feeling that we were able to effect change, to help. In high school those Ash Kickers gave way to a statewide program called Reality Check. I was named the youth voice at then-Gov. George Pataki’s tobacco advisory council, representing teens across the state. I was doing big things, and it felt great. Tobacco was a great place to get my feet wet, so when I got to college, I was ready to keep doing something.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anthony-romeo/high-heels-in-sochi_b_3865928.html

‘I’m a high-heel accident waiting to happen’

“Sometimes the problem is the shoe, not the woman,” admits Chyna. Chyna’s top tips: 1. Lead with the ball of the foot – it should touch high heeled sneakers the floor first. 2. Keep your weight anchored in the heel. 3.
Source: http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/fashionbeauty/talkingpoints/im-a-highheel-accident-waiting-to-happen-11363832546475


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