Memo To School Administrators: Afros And Dreads Aren’t “faddish” Hairstyles

He supposedly will practice soon , but take that with a few grains of dandruff. While his on-court game hasnt gotten much work, though, he has taken his hair game to new heights heights so great that the number of crazy Bynum hairstyles must not only be collected in one place, but ranked. So have a look below at the definitive list of Andrew Bynum hairstyles, ordered from least crazy to most. And remember, this list is fluid, because he will probably continue to top himself. Andrew Bynum is a creative hairstyle mastermind.

Vintage Hairstyles, J.D. Salinger’s Childhood Home And More From HuffPost Live’s Throwback Thursday (VIDEO)

It’s like saying your students can’t wear long, blonde ponytails. Or rock the wild and crazy tightly wound curls that are typical of large numbers of people from the ethnoreligious group known as Jews. Sure, the mohawk is tossed in there, that long-ago-tamed haircut that used to represent defiance in England when the punk scene broke, oh, 40 years ago (and before that, the haircut was on Pawnee Indians, and before that Scythian warriors…). But it’s not the fad they’re fighting with these rules; it’s the defiance. And that is exactly the hardcore you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me serious problem with this rule.

We are working to bring the school administrators and board members together with the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus members to coordinate a review of these policies, said Matthews, D-Tulsa. Although direct legislative action is not an option of addressing the issue in the short term, school policies can be addressed, reviewed, or changed by the Deborah Brown Community Schools internal board. The Deborah Brown Community School has a track record of academic excellence, Matthews said. The Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus values education as one of our top priorities, Matthews said. The Deborah Brown Community School has a proven track record for academic success, but we do not want their reputation marred by controversy that could be resolved by all parties having a meaningful dialogue. Shumate said he is concerned about the 7-year-old girls self-esteem. Our hearts go out to the parents and family of this 7-year-old promising student, said Shumate, D-Tulsa.

Wedding trends for 2013

Classic colour palettes Weddings this year are embracing a return to elegance and taking neutral colours to a new level. The neutral colour palette helps to create a classy environment and gives a feeling of simplicity which can look extremely sophisticated. Try cream & beige table linens. Mint green is also one of the favourites this year since the pantone named emerald green was named the colour of 2013. Mint green is fresh & crisp, but still subtle and goes with pinks & peaches really well. It also makes a great base colour for summer weddings. Sleek black incorporate it into cakes, table decorations and bridal dresses. You can even add it in subtly for those who arent big fans of black with hints of it in your decor & cake.

State senators respond to outrage over charter school hair policy

And to celebrate, we’re rounding up amazing photos, styles and trends from “back in the day.” This week’s best nostalgia posts included J.D Salinger’s childhood home , weird house pets from the ’40s and ’50s and awesome vintage hairstyles . In case you missed any of these fabulous stories, our editor Brie Dyas aka Miss Throwback herself, and the gang at HuffPost Live did a little recap in honor of Throwback Thursday. Watch the video above and get transported to a simpler (and occasionally stranger) time. Don’t forget to visit our Throwback page for more vintage goodness. Loading Slideshow Via Tressugar It’s A Man’s World Via The Society Pages Doing Some Shopping Via A Cup Of Jo Cooking Up…Something Via Buzzfeed Beer Burns Via Babble Don’t Let Him Find Out! Via Babble Marry-A-Millionaire Via Flickr Better Stock Up Via The Bitter Old Bitch Frozen Affection Via Beauty Blitz Don’t Be A Douche…


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