Purveyor of Comfort Shoes for Men & Women, Schuler Shoes’ Customer Service Rated “Excellent” by Third-Party Ratings Firm STELLAService

Finding all the right materials exclusively from the What Are the 10 Reasons you should Get Rid of Your Favorite Pair of High Heels? United States is difficult, she said. “There’s a smaller population [of companies] to be choosing from,” McGuire said. “The challenge our customers see is finding suppliers that can provide materials that are made in the United States from the fiber levels up.” “But, on the flip side, whether it’s a big contract or a small contract, it keeps manufacturing in the United States,” she said. One of every four pairs of the shoes sold by New Balance is made in the United States, though the standard for “Made in the USA” requires just 70 percent of the shoe to be domestically sourced. The Berry Amendment requires 100 percent.
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Now over to the men… 29 Aug 2013 She wasnt asking for stilettos. She clearly didnt intend to lure boys behind the bike-shed with her nattily-dressed ankles. She just wanted to make a decision for herself about what made her happy.
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This seal is the only trustmark on the Web that objectively and credibly communicates to shoppers that a business is truly dedicated to providing great customer service. Schulershoes.com carries a vast inventory of comfort shoes for men, women and children, including casual and dress shoes, clogs, slippers, and boots. Additionally the company offers an extensive selection of sport shoes for both the competitive athlete and the recreational user, including walking shoes, running shoes, general athletics, court shoes and cross-trainers. About STELLAService: STELLAService is dedicated to customer servicehelping consumers find it and helping businesses achieve it.
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Her design, dubbed the Earth Shoe, became an icon of the 1970s and ultimately paved the way for companies like Lululemon that have turned yoga apparel into an $8 billion dollar business. Designer Liz Ciokajlo , inspired by Kalss footsteps, has developed a collection of Earthy footwear that transforms her intellectual passions into stylish, sustainable shoes. Called Natural Selection , the collection was inspired by advances in synthetic biology and 3-D printing technology. Ciokajlo has a dream of one day being able to grow shoes, but realizes there are many experiments still to be conducted before Jimmy Choos can be produced from cultured cells.
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What If We Grew Our Shoes Instead of Making Them?

This guy was so keen to get his engagement off on the right foot that he proposed to the love of his life in a shoe store. Hazel accepted the proposal, but not before breaking into excited tears. But it wasn’t just at any old Foot Locker. Paul decided to pop the question to Hazel in style: by guiding her into Kicks, her favorite Los Angeles footwear haunt, and asking via a custom-made pair of shoes. kicksla via YouTube The custom-made shoes had the message Hazel Chu, marry me stitched into the back.
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The secret to beauty retail success? How customers are TEN TIMES more likely to pay for full-size cosmetics after trying a sample

The findings, released by the $10-a-month beauty subscription service Birchbox , prove the pulling power of the ‘try before you buy’ technique. It claims that more than 50per cent of its subscribers go on to make full-size http://www.chicemma.com/ purchases after getting their tester box of cosmetics in the mail. Winning formula: According to Birchbox customers are ten times more likely to pay for full-size beauty products after receiving samples direct to their door It says that one of the cosmetics brands it stocks Stila, sent sample eye shadow palettes to 7per cent of subscribers. In total 11.2per cent of the group went on to purchase full-size versions – a figure more than ‘ten times the industry standard’. Hooked on sunbeds at just 15: How a third of high school girls will try indoor tanning by the time they graduate Katia Beauchamp, co-founder and co-CEO of Birchbox, explained to BuzzFeed that subscribers are ‘really engaged’ and ‘spending’. Thanks to its sales success – with three products sold every minute online – the company has been able to raise just under $12million in venture capital from investors. It expects its online sales to triple in 2013 after quadrupling last year.
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Beauty Cape salon helps customers look their best

After graduating from Empire Beauty School in Bangor, Sides-Wilson worked at a Bangor salon before opening the Beauty Cape at 69 Fifth St. in November 2012. A licensed cosmetologist, she offers her customers many beauty-related services and products. Sides-Wilson specializes in cuts of every style, including bobs, wedges, [and the] pixie is always popular. It can be styled in so many ways.
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Fashion Trends Show Features Beauty Trends Expert Wendy Lewis, The Knife Coach(r), of Beauty in the Bag

I think its less about wearing too much [makeup], Lewis explains the podcast. Most women wear too little or the wrong makeup A little color and camouflage does wonders for all of us. This beauty trends professional makes consultations exceedingly accessible and flexible, offering in-person one-on-one or group meetings in Palm Beach, London and New York, as well as via Skype and phone. She said her biggest tip is to do everything in moderation. Or else youll look very sorted, she said. I like natural quality. Its much better to go in baby steps. In this lively interview, Lewis shares how to determine if cosmetic surgery is the right choice, how to get in touch with the top professionals in the industry, and how to find that inner confidence and glow women crave. The Fashion Trends Show is available for free subscription on iTunes and through the Shows website, at http://www.FashionTrendsShow.com , where more information about Wendy Lewis can also be found.
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High Heels, High Danger?

Or, more specifically, a fabulous pair of insanely high heels. Never mind that high heels come chock full of baggagetheyre hard to walk in, they pinch our feet, they force our bodies to contort in ungodly (and often detrimental) ways, but yet we wear them anyway. READ: Bye-Bye Blisters: Love Your Shoes and Wear Them, Too Interestingly, our perception of whats acceptable for a heel height has changed massively during the past decade. In the early 2000s, a three-inch heel was considered high, while now, most women dont balk at a shoe that teeters on a five or-six-inch heel.
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Rusty Katz is the manager of childrens shoes at Lesters, a chain of childrens department stores in New York . He says he cant keep wedge and kitten heels for little girls in stock because theyre so popular. Girls love shoes, Katz said. Good Morning America caught up with Katz when he showed Sara Berman and her 8-year-old daughter, Talia, some Steve Madden wedges. He called them falls hottest trend. Skechers Under Fire for Daddy$ Money Sneakers Roughly half the styles in Steve Madden Kids spring/summer collection have an elevated sole, and the shoes are in great demand at Gap Kids and Target stores nationwide.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2013/08/high-heels-for-girls-trend-raises-concerns/

But now you have the whole rest of the night to deal with the unbearable pain it is to wear those heels. You end up starting to walk all wonky to avoid the pain. But it hurts! They can literally ruin a fun night out with your friends. And they can destroy wonderful synchronized dance numbers. Until you wake up the next day and you can’t even walk because your heels are so bruised and sore.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/25/high-heels-worst_n_3651956.html

How high-heeled shoes may be killing your feet

The findingssuggest that the women in high heels walked with http://www.hiheelsshoes.com/7-varieties-of-high-heels/ shorter, more forceful strides and engaged their muscles as opposed to their tendons, leaving them vulnerable to injury and prone to muscle fatigue, the Times reported. We think that the large muscle strains that occur when walking in heels may ultimately increase the likelihood of strain injuries, Dr. Neil Cronin, one of the studys lead researchers, told the Times. The damage for heel- wearers is not eased by switching to sneakers or flats, according to the study, because that only increases the risk of injury by forcing the foot into a new position. The repeated wearing of high heels is widely known to increase the risk of such conditions as osteoarthritis, hammer toes, bunions and corns, but doctors said the damage could be happening in areas beyond the legs, such asthe back, and in areas and ways not immediately evident, such as the heart. Inflammation inside your body can happen anywhere. It can happen from wearing shoes, Little, who was not involved in the Australian study, told ABC News. When we put your foot into a shoe, it has nowhere to go but to bind the toes. Homing in on the point, researchers in England last week also released a study, published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases Journal , that found wearing high heelscould lead to flat feet,as it canweaken the tendons that support the arch of the foot, leading it to fall, which causes pain and can make it difficult to walk.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2012/01/high-heels-high-danger/

“Standing in high heels is like standing on a downward slope. Your body needs to lean back to correct the tilt forward.” Ms Petric, who runs a practice in Mundaring, said she often saw soft tissue pressure damage in feet, calluses, corns, badly shaped toes and ingrown nails. In severe cases, calf muscles shortened to adapt to the heels, which made it uncomfortable to walk in flat shoes or barefoot. A lot of damage was done when a woman was young and problems arose as they aged because damage occurred slowly over time to become persistent and sometimes permanent.
Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/lifestyle/a/-/lifestyle/18507115/high-heels-pose-high-pain-risk/

Michael Liebow, a podiatrist in Bethesda, Md., pulls out a wince-inducing photograph of a foot X-rayed in a high-heel shoe: It reveals the ball of the foot at a nearly 90-degree angle to the bones in the rest of the foot. It does not look good. The X-ray is a prop that Liebow says he shows to patients who walk into the office in 6-inch heels and say, My feet are killing me! Why? He says he tells them, That is not how your foot has evolved to walk. To sum up his brief and frequently futile plea for foot health: Humans are meant to walk heel-to-toe, with the leg near a 90-degree angle to the foot and the ankle joint employing a 60-degree range of motion during normal daily activities. By wearing a high heel, Liebow explains, youre altering the position of the foot and how the foot is to function.
Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/health-and-fitness/health/20130812-how-high-heeled-shoes-may-be-killing-your-feet.ece


‘Antiques Roadshow’: Jewelry Collection From 1998 Nearly Doubles In Value (VIDEO)

ET. What To Know: “Bridesmaids” funnyman Chris O’Dowd stars in Christopher Guest’s (“Best in Show”) new documentary-style series about a hapless thirtysomething trying to find meaning in his life by tracing his heritage. “Long Island Medium” (TLC) Season 4 premieres Sun., May 12 at 9 p.m. ET. Where We Left Off: We were hoping that those nails and that hair would be around for another season — and our wish came true! Theresa Caputo is back, communicating with the dead, for at least another 30 episodes. Breaking Amish: Brave New World (TLC) Season 2 premieres Sun., May 12 at10 p.m. ET . Where We Left Off: Speculation and accusations about the shows reality aside, Breaking Amish was a hit for TLC.
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Venezuela Arrests Police After Caracas Jewelry Store Robbery

The officers were part of a team from the Chacao municipality that responded to an armed robbery of two jewelry stores in the Centro Lido office complex and shopping mall in the eastern Caracas business district of El Rosal, according to the statement. Two men connected to the robbery have also been detained, while a third was killed in a shootout with police, according to the public prosecutor. Armed robbers entered the building on the evening of July 30 and waited for the mall to close, the public prosecutor office said, adding that eight people in the mall, including six foreigners, were also assaulted. Venezuela, which faces high rates of violent crime including kidnapping and murder, was ranked the ninth worst in the world by Transparency International in its 2012 Corruption Perceptions index. Police forces are perceived as the most corrupt institution in the country, the organization said in its 2013 Corruption Barometer report. Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has made the fight against corruption a central theme of his platform during the first 100 days of his government, state news agency AVN reported on July 28.
Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-02/venezuela-arrests-police-after-caracas-jewelry-store-robbery.html

Dawn’s Vintage Jewelry busy in Brookfield

Photo: Tyler Sizemore | Buy This Photo Dawn Sheppard, owner of Dawn’s Vintage Jewelry Store in Brookfield,… Dawn’s Vintage Jewelry Store in Brookfield, download Conn. features thousands of pieces of jewelry along with a large collection of antiques and collectibles. The store recently celebrated its five-year anniversary. Photo: Tyler Sizemore | Buy This Photo Dawn’s Vintage Jewelry Store in Brookfield, Conn.
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